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Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Year, New Blog, New Writing

Full circle. It's been almost a year since my short play was produced, a ten minute short, capably acted and reasonably staged, based on a character loosely inspired by the life and music of a man who became my unwitting muse, the connection described back in 2008 in one of my first blog posts as a self acknowledged writer and poet.

I've just transferred posts about writers, the writing process and creativity from my old blog to this new layout, in an endeavor to re-establish the valuable communication I once enjoyed with favorite blog poets, fiction writers, and artists. Though many of us know each other now in "real life" through social communication, there's something about these blog posts and the sharing of self that is lost in the random, quick responses we give in a facebook or twitter format.

After a long absence, I've been popping in to visit favorite blogs, dismayed to find that many of them are gone now, within the last six months or a year or two. Perhaps blog authors have done what I've done and archived their blogs, making them view-able only to themselves and perhaps select readers. I've listed on my sidebar those remaining active blogs that I enjoyed visiting daily or weekly, eager to read each new post for the content and the exchange of encouragement and ideas.

If you were a reader of my old blog, and you are interested in visiting a blog post you no longer see, just let me know. I still have everything... your words and the thoughtfulness and care supporting them were (and are) important to me.

Note: I'd intended to create a tab with a link to some of my poetry, as if first appeared on this blog. Instead, I've added a few poems back to this main page...