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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sounds Like A Poem

In response to a post titled, Autumnal Winds, from Thom Buchanan, and a series of art and poetry pages he published at The Pictorial Arts, I wrote this sort of a poem, and since I've had a dearth of poetry lately, I will post it here, as a sort of reminder, that I can at least attempt to write a poem.

Contributing, also, was a recent walk on the ridge near where I live, where falls of vines skirted the oak trees, and huge webs with dangling spiders, strung between branches from tree to tree.

Here it is, not totally awful, but not good, starting from first draft as a post comment, to the "final" version (there were several quick drafts between point a and point b):

I love Fall, too, though it's hard to "see" it, where I live. Mostly tropical foliage, but the oak trees do shed leaves. Mostly, we experience it as a drop in temperature of about ten degrees, and a bit more breeze. Pumpkins, scarecrows, and costumes come out at Halloween.

Sounds Like a Poem

Amidst tropical
foliage, and broad
leafed green, a
temperature drop
of about ten degrees,

I love Fall, though
it’s hard to see-

Oak trees lace
with spider weaves,
reluctant to shed
their leaves.

Pumpkins, scarecrows,
and costumes come out
to play at Halloween.

© 2011 Annie King


  1. And if it sounds like a poem....

    Yay! So happy to read this from you.

    It's weird when the seasons bump into eachother like this....it's been beautifully Fall-like in Ohio and then as of 2 days ago, summer has returned for a week.

  2. Hi Hannah,

    Our weather has been strange- lots and lots of rain, which is actually a nice change from the heat of summer, too. When it's not raining, the skies are beautifully blue, the temperature is pleasant, and the sunsets have been amazing!

  3. Hi Annie--


    We had our first snow yesterday, yet the leaves are generally still green and intact. I couldn't get used to living in a tropical clime. Something in my Scottish genes.

    I'm glad you're getting some inspiration. I may have more for you.

  4. Hi Thom,

    I haven't lived where it snows since I was a baby, so my few experiences with snow have felt magical- the most recent time we were on vacation and had "blizzard like" conditions at Newfound Gap in Smoky Mountains National Park, standing at the top of a stone overlook. My son and I both love cold weather- our part Finnish genes!