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Monday, August 15, 2011

Is A Blog Post a Primary Source Document?

I recently read a quote by a social scientist, which I cannot locate today, no matter how many ways I search for it. Essentially, the quote said that when we create a blog post, we are creating a primary source document; and that when we change the layout for that post, we are altering the meaning of it.

The quote made me think. I have made major changes to my layout twice over the past several years. I have seen many blog friends create major changes for their blogs; though most have stayed the same. The short quote indicated that changing a layout alters the experience of reading the post.

I think it is true. There is something about the design and layout of a blog, and the colors the creator has chosen, that expresses a personality and a mode of being, that affects the reading. This is different from the pages in a book, where the words do most of the work; but even there, the typography, and the heading and the quality of the paper including the page color from white to shades of beige, and the amount of white space between lines, and whether the book will lay flat upon opening, and whether the binding is sewn or layered, affects the experience of reading the book.

My first blog layout was similar to Flowering Dream. My first layout change was to a plain and dark one, which based on immediate feedback was quite a shock, before I created my current and subsequent layouts

Do you think there is a difference in the reading of a post, and its inherent meaning, if you've first read it in one layout, and then the layout has been changed?

If I locate the quote, I'll add it to this post!