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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love is Simple and Quite Ordinary: Poem Reprise- Magical Wood


Magical Wood

These trees are talkers-
Oaks and gnarled pines are
dappled shades wearing sleeveless
garments of emerald and orange

Rackham knew, when
branches reach from bough
to bower, men may emerge,
or women- appearing in faith
to husband each other-

Bark may alter,
leaves may fall, limbs
may sever- But the
reach remains

© 2010 Annie King


In its purest form, love is innocent, simple, and quite ordinary. It is love between parent and child, brother and sister, friend to friend. It is affectionate and caring. Offered as such, it just is.

Image Credit: Arthur Rackham from Little Brother and Little Sister

Note: This poem first appeared at my blog here.