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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poem: Fairy In A Cave

Fairy in a Cave
Dorothy Lathrop

The fairy queen
withdraws inside her cave

When you’ve tried
your best- to explain
and correct, and no
amount of magic
works the charm,

you do as you are told
and wonder, what about
your incantation
causes fear?

Puzzled that you'd
forgotten how to weave
a precise clarity of words,
and loomed an avalanche.

© 2010 Annie Swann 8-16-10


  1. Precise clarity of words. I like that a lot. And the image is so beautiful and brings back so many childhood memories (of reading fairy tales not being stranded in a cave!).

  2. Hi Lori,
    I 'm glad you like it. There's something about that illustration that I love, and it seemed the perfect match to my poem.

  3. Love the last line, it is so fitting, and the art paired with it, perfect.

  4. Hi Terresa,
    Thanks! In part, I wrote the poem with the image in mind; in other words, it helped to shape the poem, though the poem does stand alone; and it captures my emotions perfectly, particularly the avalanche part- if I could do it again, I would say more by saying less.