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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Poetry of Trees



I live my life
in tones of beige and cream,
accents mild and shimmering-
The color of the sea, aqua
is my favorite fade to peach.

Yet, in the wild,
it’s not forest green
I crave- It’s yellow green
backlit leaves, shadow and
variegated shade, bright veined
red and startling yellow, the russet
stripe of butterfly, bird, rock and branch,
- the saw of palmetto, the surprise of air plant
Leaves rustling sturdy beneath my feet.

The undergrowth
is the under-story, the sky
the fateful backdrop- Give me
Gaia’s spiralling chaos, nature’s
replicant, the comforting
reach of trees.

© 2010 Annie King 5-5-10



  1. Hi, Annie! You've been one busy woman! It amazes me what you do on your blog in the span of a few days.

    I love how the voice in this poem changes from stanza to stanza and "feels like" the colors you describe. The first stanza is beautiful and calming. I tend to have the personality in the second stanza, so I can relate to that search for color in the veins of leaves.

    The under-story is awesome and a great ending. Applause for another wonderful poem!

  2. Oh Annie, I loved this. It is very relaxing and "Sedate," just what I needed right now.
    "The color of the Sea, aqua
    is my favorite fade to peach."
    Just beautiful!

  3. I love this part,

    "The comforting reach of trees" -- so very good. Loved every last bit.