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Friday, April 30, 2010

So Simple, It's Alarming


Along the Path

Escorted by
a brilliant blue sky
and the slightest of breezes-

(in the simplest of images
and rhythms)-

A cardinal,
a bluejay, dragonflies,
and spiderwebs-

Rehearsal for what emerges

As another ½ pound

So here’s
my prescription:

write, walk

© 2010 Annie King



  1. Love it. And I agree that is the best prescription. You have been on fire with the poetry lately.

  2. Hi Brigindo,

    Thank you. This one is not much of a poem- just rehearsal, as I said- but I find, if a first line comes to you, you should go with it, as a thought process, because it almost always leads to somewhere, at least personally, significant.

    The first line, is this case, was simply, the litany of what I saw: a cardinal, etc... which led to my "prescription."

    I hesitated on publishing it, but what the heck; it fits with what I was saying a few posts back (which I think I pulled) how I'm not doing the things I could to feel happy, and I needed to figure out what was missing.

  3. Read, write, walk...that's the prescription I choose for today :).

  4. Oh, Annie, submit this to my Waffle House blog poetry contest! (nudge nudge) It is gorgeous.

  5. It is always a pleasure to read your work, Annie! No...STOP what you're thinking, dangit! I'm not just saying that to be nice. You've got a lot of lovely words in you, and it's a joy to watch them bloom.

    I love how "Rehearsal for what emerges" is in the middle of the poem. What an awesome pivot. That one half pound...shew...I can relate to that, too. Again, I love your title. I can see that as the title for a book of walking poems and poems about life in general. Sometimes, the answer really is simple...so simple it's alarming. I don't know why you hesitated to post it. It's beautiful.

  6. Hi Julie,

    Thank you. I always appreciate your helpful and encouraging comments! I didn't think of "rehearsal for what emerges" as a pivot, but now that you say it, I see exactly what you mean. You've taught me something about this poem, and poetry in general!

    I meant, "rehearsal for what emerges," to refer to my poetry writing, but I saw later, even as I was revising the poem, it could mean, losing weight- and I like the double meaning.