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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pigs by Craig Hartglass

What is the best bit of advice about writing you have ever gotten?

One thing I find really helpful when I'm stuck and nothing will come, is to play a piece of music that evokes the same feeling as the scene or section I'm stuck on. I'll play a song over and over, almost insanely so, until I am drowning in that feeling—and often that will be the secret passageway back into the story. ~ Craig Hartglass

You can read Craig Hartglass's full interview about his short story, Pigs, Issue #120, at One Story, and an engaging essay by Elliott Holt about why One Story published it.

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One Story
is a wonderful publication. A subscription gets you a new short story approximately every three weeks in your mailbox (your real mailbox- not your inbox!). I'm paraphrasing and borrowing this line from someone else's blog: Every three weeks you get a good short story, and sometimes a great short story. Actually, just like Glimmer Train, most of the stories are great; they make you think, impress you with the author's ability to weave a tale, or grab you with an emotion. Craig Hartglass's Pigs does all three and will leave you feeling satisfied.

Life is all about connection. It's great when a connection is made.

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