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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I Write

Because my mind expresses experience and emotion poetically, my journal entries often read like poems, and sometimes they become one. The origin of the poem will be factual, but the outcome may be symbolic with a truthful core. When I write fiction, a first line pops into my head, setting the initial rhythm and the tone for the entire piece. I write fiction that takes me to another place, because that’s where my characters want to go. I follow their lead.

The essay by Elizabeth Bowen http://anniekwrites.blogspot.com/2008/09/elizabeth-bowen-notes-on-writing-novel.html made me realize, it's all in our heads, everything that's come before in our lives and what we thought and felt about it, and writing is the process that brings it out, solid.


  1. Yes indeed. As a student of literature, I’ve noticed that shadows of pieces I’ve read/studied will surface, unbidden, in some interesting and surprising ways within my writing. Often, I don’t recognize the connection until later. The brain is a fascinating thing.

  2. Annie,
    You left a kind note on my story up at Flash Fiction Online so I thought I'd come find out who you are:) When I saw the title "Why I write" I had to peek. I have recently listed "Ten reasons I write" on my blog at as well.

    Persevere in your writing. It does pay off, but its a lot like putting change in a jar. You have to do it for a long time before the jar gets full. Even then, you can't buy much.

  3. Hi,I'd already checked out your site, too, and I enjoyed reading your posts about the writing process and why you write. I have another post called "How I Write" (also posted in the month of August) you might find of interest.

    I enjoyed reading your story in Flash Fiction. I think the quality of the writing they're publishing is getting better and better. This month's issue is particularly good.

  4. Oops. "How I Write" was posted on September 28th (not in August).

  5. Yes, I hear you, that writing is the process to bring out our experiences, solid.

  6. PS: Library story times, yes! I miss doing those. I did toddler and preschool story times, although a fair share of family story times, too.

    I miss not working in the library. I quit two years ago when my child #4 was a baby. The mad dash to work (between having 4 kids) dashed me to pieces.

    Librarianship is a wonderful profession, one that is a ramp (one of the many, I suppose) leading to writing.